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Idea to Script, 100 page romance-comedy, minority characters. Winner "Best Religious Film", San Diego Black Film Festival.


Project In Da Cut

Book to Script, 130 page Adventure, Biography, Fantasy. Winner "Best Sci-fi Screenplay", Los Angeles Film Awards

10 wins!

Project Hollow Earth Quest

Trilogy series book 1 to script

Hollow Earth Quest best sci-fi screenplay
Hollow Earth Quest best sci-fi screenplay

Produced screenplay

Produced screenplay


In development, principal photography phase. 

Two people brought together by their love for each other but separated by the hate and prejudice of others. Set in Kenya Kenya and the United Kingdom during the late 1980s.

Book to Script, 120 page Action, Biography, Fantasy. Winner "Best Sci-fi Screenplay", Los Angeles Film Awards. 10 wins!

A draft resister flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilization living in the Center of the Earth.

Project Escape to Hollow Earth 

Trilogy series book 2 to Script

Project Pearls of Africa 

Script doctor, formatting. 143 pages to 113

Escape to Hollow Earth best sci-fi screenplay

Project Dogs World

Script formatting. 102 pages to 118

Project Marooned


Book to 3-Script miniseries

Prestigeous Cannes Film Fest winner!

The story takes us into the wild, animated world of Willie Welby and his dog and best friend, Wilbur. The duo magically land in "Dogs World" where all the animals talk and even drive cars! Willie and Wilbur get mixed-up in trouble as they try to save the Sweet Water Animal Shelter and its zany dogs and cats. But the greedy, polluting Mr. Biggs and his right-hand man, Von Dung, have other ideas. Animation, Adventure, Family. Status: Pre-production,

Out at sea, an evil twin throws his brother overboard, left for dead, he lands on an island, where he struggles with love, betrayal, and his brother's revenge.

Best Action-


script, Cannes FF.

Hollow Earth Quest best sci-fi screenplay

Produced screenplay

Produced screenplay

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