How to convert your book to a screenplay

by experts Kathy Krantz and Colin Stewart

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Let's get started. If you would like to start the screenwriting process for your book, please send the $499.90 first week starting fee along with the book to Kathy Stewart, 4037 Phelan Rd A201, Phelan CA 92371. Also, email us the PDF or Word document of your book to You prepay for each 10-page installment then we write those pages. You want your script written faster? Some clients pay all or half to speed up the process. We will work with you go as fast or slow as you want.

After you receive those 10 pages you provide editing feedback for those new pages. We include that feedback and corresponding changes with the next prepaid 10 pages. This is a great collaborative process where you only have to focus on each 10-page increment. With this attention to detail your finalized script will have included your feedback from beginning to end. This 10-page iteration is performed until your script is completed.

This site includes our partial writer's portfolio and information about the services that we offer as  freelance Screenwriter Services. Do you have a fabulous STORY IDEA, OUTLINE, BOOK, MEMOIR` or EBOOK you want to convert to a SCRIPT that you want to come to life onto screen in the movies? We will write you a Professional Screenplay for Film or TV. Kathy, Colin or Steph, all award-winning screenwriters, would like to turn your novel, book, memoir or eBook into a potentially award winning script, maybe even a film, miniseries or TV pilot or series if your script is purchased by a producer.  

We also write scripts from an idea, poem, song, children's book, outline or a synopsis you want to come to life via screenplay, perhaps be shown on screen? Our scripts have won 100s of festival awards, have been optioned and produced. Clients are from around the world.


TO BEGIN SCRIPT WRITING NOW: Let me know if you would like to hire us and get a chance for your book story to be on the screen! Let me know if our book to script screenwriting interests you. Let’s get started. When would you like to send me the book? If you would like to start the screenwriting process, please send the $499.90 first week starting fee to me with the book; also email me the PDF or Word document of your book to Mail the book and payments to: KATHY STEWART, 4037 Phelan Rd. SUITE A201, Phelan, CA. 92371

Please send your Check, MO, Cashier's Check or Western Union payment to Kathy Stewart. Bank to bank transfer to our Bank of America is the most preferred method for many clients since it speeds up the process.

NOTE +++ some clients prefer to pay more, half or the whole fee to speed the writing process along. Otherwise, you lose a lot of time through snail-mail. That's your choice. We do the 10 pages for clients on a budget. Paying more upfront half or the whole script (100 page script fee of $4999.) which many clients prefer to do, the script will be written much faster, and there’s no lag time in-between to slow it's creative writing process and progress, by waiting for payments to come through. We do not use Pay Pal, any other method is preferred.


This is our process and it works very well. We are excited to work with you to write a professional script, to help bring your book or idea to life on the screen.

Blessings... and kindest regards,

Kathy :)

Colin and Kathy at a Beverly Hills Film Festival for his idea to screenplay, Cowgirl's Christmas Romance.

Service Samples

Win, Win, Win!

In Da Cut, 100 page romance-comedy, minority characters. Winner "Best Religious Film", San Diego Black Film Festival

In Da Cut is a comically inspiring story about what comes after the legal age of adulthood and before the transition of taking on the full responsibilities of being a functioning member of society. The main character Michael is a young aspiring film maker, fresh out of school, who with his like-minded friends feels ready to take on the world. He wants to pursue the life he and his friend have always imagined, by chasing the illusion of having beautiful women, big cash and quick recognition in the film circuit. On the path to fulfill his lifelong dreams he comes to the shocking revelation that nothing in Hollywood is personal; it's just show business!

We have a winner best film San Diego Black Film Festival

Book to Script trilogy part 1

Hollow Earth Quest best sci-fi screenplay

The scientific, psychic, and apolitical research of Dan Weiss began with his coming of age during the controversial and confusing Vietnam War. Enlisting as a naive and idealistic volunteer soldier, There began his lifelong pursuit of truth in many forms; spiritual, political as well as his questioning the verities squelched by those in authority. His experiences, thoughts and clairvoyant visions led him to new understandings of how the world and universe works, both practically and spiritually. His passion for the UFO phenomena over his life has launched him into a new age of self-introspection -- leading him through extraordinary and explicit events and experiences.

winner best sci-fi screenplay

Book to Script trilogy part 2

Escape to Hollow Earth, 120 page Action, Biography, Fantasy. Winner "Best Sci-fi Screenplay", New York Film Awards. 10 wins!
Hollow Earth Quest best sci-fi screenplay

A draft resister flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilization living in the Center of the Earth.


Book to Script trilogy part 3

Return From the Hollow Earth: War of the Inner Worlds. Book draft in editing process.

The concept of a hollow Earth recurs in folklore and as the premise for subterranean fiction, and a subgenre of adventure fiction.

Pearls of Africa. 143 pages to 113. Drama, romance. In development, principal photography phase.

Two people brought together by their love for each other but separated by the hate and prejudice of others. Set in Kenya Kenya and the United Kingdom during the late 1980s.


The story takes us into the wild, animated world of Willie Welby and his dog and best friend, Wilbur. The duo magically land in "Dogs World" where all the animals talk and even drive cars! Willie and Wilbur get mixed-up in trouble as they try to save the Sweet Water Animal Shelter and its zany dogs and cats. But the greedy, polluting Mr. Biggs and his right-hand man, Von Dung, have other ideas.

Book to mini-series

Marooned is the 19th century tale of Justin Radcliff, a young American who, on a voyage to the Ivory Coast, is beaten and thrown overboard by his evil twin brother, Edward.  Kolya, a handsome black man and leader of the Zulu tribe there, finds Justin caught in his net while fishing. Kolya nurses him back to health and together they form a deep bond that can’t be broken. Lost in a country that has shown Justin violence, hate and destruction, he finds a new life with a love that torments his very existence.

Best screenplay awards for Marooned Mini

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