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Ridgecrest, CA earthquakes

We run an animal rescue farm about 85 miles south of Ridgecrest, 80 miles north of Hollywood. We have a variable number of animals we take care of. Mostly they are rescue animals that others can no longer afford to feed. We have had horses, llamas, pigs, goats, dogs, cats and birds. The most we have had at one time was about 20. Lately we have only horses and dogs. It's really tough when one of them dies. Last night's 7.1 earthquake really rocked us. We were working in bed and the house began rocking/swaying. It lasted somewhere around 30 seconds it seemed. It was so long that we got somewhat disoriented with our equilibrium thrown out of balance for a few seconds. We checked on all then animals. They were nervous, but OK. Our youngest dog was spooked the most. We kept him between us bundled in a blanket. He was also spooked when neighbors blasted fireworks over the 4th. Fortunately we and our animals are OK, unlike many in the Ridgecrest area.

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