Q. What if I have a script created from a short story, novelette, a story treatment, a Comic book, a poem, a song, autobiography, memoir, an idea, picture book, synopsis, a story outline, or a kid’s book?

A. For a book below 100 page count and more than 10-12 font size I would need to see your book to see if it has dialogue and check the font size. If there is little or no dialogue, it then becomes our IDEA TO SCREEN process and fee, double a book to screen fee.

If you have an IDEA, memoir with little or no dialogue, a short story, kid’s book, picture book, story treatment or outline, comic book, a song, a poem,  or a story outline to screen instead of an average size book with dialogue, I will send you my IDEA to SCREEN process and fee instead. Let me know.

If your book is less than 100 pages long, not the average book length, then it is considered a short story, which is a different fee. In the case of a short story book, it then becomes a combo of BOOK TO SCREEN and IDEA TO SCREEN fee and process. If you have a picture book, a short story, a story treatment or outline, comic book, poem, or a memoir / true story with very little to no dialogue, and/or books with less than average dialogue, let me know and I will send you my IDEA TO SCREEN process and fee. For my idea and book to script process to be sent to you, let me know if you have the budget to hire an idea to script screenwriter in this case, because it will be MORE THAN twice as much work so it is twice as much FEE as a book to script job. Sometimes discounts are given to clients, if you have a good amount of material we can use from your kid’s book.

If you have an IDEA, a memoir with little or no dialogue, a short story, a song, kid’s book, comic book, a poem, picture book, a story treatment, or a story outline to screen instead of an average size book with dialogue, I will send you my IDEA to SCREEN process and fee instead. Let me know and we'll put our artistic interpretation to work for you.


Q. What if I have a long novel?

A. You can have 1 screenplay or a TV SERIES of scripts or 2-3 scripts for a miniseries or TV films series from your long novel. Based on your parameters and our artistic interpretation to create one or more scripts. The fewer scripts you choose, the less of your story can be included.

If you have a very long novel, you have a choice; you could have your novel written as 1 screenplay, or two or three screenplays to create a mini-series or 2-3 scripts for a TV movie or miniseries. Each additional script is the same fee as the first one. Or, I can create one script from the book. Note if you convert a long novel to a single script the difficult decisions will be what stays in the script and what from the novel must be cut to accommodate only 100 pages of script.

Each script is the same fee as the 1st one. One script of 100 pages is $4995, 2 scripts of 100 pages each costs $9,990, 3 scripts of 100 pages each costs $14,985, etc.  A script series for TV or film is more fee than 1 script of course, because that involves more than 1 script written. So, EACH script is the same fee. A TV series of scripts or a series of scripts is more expensive than just 1 script written from your long paged novel. (Explained below). Each 100 page screenplay is $4,995, and it can be written as fast or as slow as you can pay for the script pages.


Q. Do you own the screenplay?

A. Yes, you own the screenplay after you have paid for it. You own the screenplay rights so you can option or sell it or do what you want to do with it.


Q. Do we read the hundreds & hundreds of books that come in from possible future interested authors?

A. No, we do not read hundreds of books ahead of being hired to write the script. How could we have time to write professional scripts for clients and help guide them through the marketing process if we spent all our time reading books from people who don’t hire us?


Q. Are we a book reviewing or book reading company?

A. No. We only read the book when we are hired to write the screenplay. We can look over your book on Amazon or your book site to see if it has the right specifics to become a script: does it have dialogue, the book page length, the book story synopsis, etc.


Q. What are your qualifications?

A. We have been working in the film industry since 1994. Check our IMDb pages, Kathy Krantz Stewart, Colin K Stewart, and Stephanie Kimmel or our Screenwriting pages: https://www.screenwriters-for-hire.com, http://booktoscreenplay.com or  Screenplay Factory. We are MULTI-award winning screenwriters. Recently, 3 clients just had their script optioned by a producer for a film!

We are Classically Trained, Industry Connected, Award-winning Screenwriters and Film Producers who use The Classic Hollywood Narrative Style. Our screenwriters have been trained in the art and craft of screenwriting and film production by noted Hollywood professionals. We generally write our scripts using classical Hollywood narrativea narrative and visual style of film-making (hence screenwriting) which developed in and characterized American cinema between the 1910s and the 1960s. Our Screenplays are constantly winning at Festivals

I am also V.P. Acquisitions and Production at a prestigious and film industry connected Hollywood based and worldwide film Distribution Company. As far as producers who seek PROFESSIONAL scripts, they look for new scripts and sometimes ask me for different genres. Producers and film investors are too busy to read books, but will have their readers read a finished script, as they are easier and faster to read than a book.

With my film distribution job I work with ALL the major film and TV studios, producers, and MAJOR companies. Producers seek me out, because I hold the key to film distribution. Often you will see front end credits that show the script is “based on ABC book by XYZ author”.

Producers prefer reading professional scripts FROM books, written by constantly winning AWARD WINNING SCREENWRITERS like US, not first time scripts from first time "screenwriters". Those scripts go into the “slush pile” aka trash. They can tell if it is a first or a 5th or even a 15th unprofessional script in many ways, from the first few pages read, and they don’t waste time on unprofessional scripts.

I am a SAG actor and am much honored to have been selected to serve on the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Theatrical Motion Picture Nominating Committee where I go to all the new film screenings in Hollywood and Beverly Hills or at the WGA, Chinese Theater and PGA theaters. There, I meet with the A-list actors and A-list producers, and watch the films that they want my vote for. It’s a blessing for me in these meetings and connecting with these A-list stars. I have been doing this for years, and I am receiving invitations to see this year’s film screenings.



A. Let’s get started: When would you like to send me the book? If you would like to start the screenwriting process, please send the $499.90 first week starting fee to me with the book; also email me the PDF or Word document of your book to kkstewartproductions@gmail.com.

Mail the book and payments to:


4037 Phelan Rd. SUITE A201

Phelan, CA. 92371


Please send your Check, MO, Cashier's Check or Western Union payment to Kathy Krantz Stewart. Bank to bank transfer to our Bank of America is the most preferred method for many clients since it speeds up the process.

NOTE +++ some clients prefer to pay more, half or the whole fee to speed the writing process along. Otherwise, we lose a lot of time through payment time and snail-mail. That's your choice. We do the 10 pages for clients on a budget. Paying more upfront half or the whole script (100 page script fee of $4999.) which many clients prefer to do, the script will be written much faster, and there’s no lag time in-between to slow it's creative writing process and progress, by waiting for payments to come through to me. We do not use Credit Cards or Pay Pal. Any other method is preferred because those two methods take a percentage cut. Our prices are already low and we can't afford to lose those percentage charges.


This is our process and it works very well. We are excited to work with you to write a professional script, to help bring your book to life on the screen.


Blessings... and kindest regards,

Kathy :)


Q. Have any of your scripts been produced or optioned.

A. Yes, see our Services or Writing Samples page. We have several optioned and produced. We have won HUNDREDS OF FILM FESTIVAL SRCEENWRITING AWARDS for our screenplays.


Q. Do I get to see the script pages done as we go along?

A. You get to see the script’s new batch of pages and updates when you pay me weekly. You can also tell me what typo changes you want along the way so I can make changes for you. I am paid $499.90 a week for each new 10 pages. This means every 10 pages of script is $499.90. After those 10 pages are written, or how many pages you paid for, they are sent to you in PDF format.

Then you send us back any typos or simple logic errors you may find, and we then include the corrections with the next new set of pages you had paid for in advance. The corrections from the last 10 pages are done at the same time as the new pages are written, which means the previous pages have been approved by the client. The new pages, plus the last pages changes/corrections are all sent together to you in a PDF format document, which is expected by producers. Those corrections sent in by the client for the last 10 pages written are now approved pages by the client. Clients love that they can see the script develop as it is written! This is our wonderful process and it works VERY well.

If you have a very long book and don't want any of your story or dialogue taken out to fit into one script, you have a choice to go with a mini-series, 2-3 scripts, each script is $4999, and that is very popular as well. We have done several of these for clients. Encore cable has shown many miniseries and they win many awards. Many cable channels and TV networks and stations show them. People love them and that is an option for a very long book.


Q. Can I see more of your awards?

A. Yes, go to http://www.booktoscreenplay.com/.