Screenwriting service prices


Pre-script plan

A treatment should be created in the process of adapting a novel, play, or other pre-existing work into a script. 100 page script for $849.


$849 USD


book or idea to screenplay

Book to script = $4999 for 100 pages

Idea to script = $9999 for 100 pages

Combo book/idea = quote

Script of 100, 110 or 120 pages


$4999 USD

Story Coverage

Story/document coverage

Our analysis feedback, suggestions and grading to rewrite and improve a client book, idea, treatment, script or other document to adopt into a screenplay. $4.99 per page. 100 pages = $499. Min charge $499.


$499 USD

Script consulting & repair service prices

Story structure repair

We rewrite, AKA doctor, an existing script or polish specific aspects of it, including structure, dialogue, characterization, pacing, themes and other elements. 100 pages = $3398. Includes edit and formatting.


$3398 USD

Script editing

Grammar & typo repair

We correct spelling, grammar errors in your existing script. $16.99 per page. 100 pages = $1699.


$1699 USD

Script formatting

Industry standard formatting

We reformat your script to industry standard American screenplay format using the latest version of Final Draft. $16.99/page. 100 pages = $1699.


$1699 USD

Marketing tools prices

Query letter, PR letter

First line of contact

We write you a query letter About Your Script to be sent to literary agents, actors, producers or production companies.


$119 USD


Let’s get started: When would you like to send me the book? If you would like to start the screenwriting process, please send the $499.90 first week starting fee to me with the book; also email me the PDF or Word document of your book to

Mail the book and payments to:


4037 Phelan Rd. SUITE A201

Phelan, CA. 92371


Please send your Check, MO, Cashier's Check or Western Union payment to Kathy Krantz Stewart. Bank to bank transfer to our Bank of America is the most preferred method for many clients since it speeds up the process.

NOTE +++ some clients prefer to pay more, half or the whole fee to speed the writing process along. Otherwise, we lose a lot of time through payment time and snail-mail. That's your choice. We do the 10 pages for clients on a budget. Paying more upfront half or the whole script (100 page script fee of $4999.) which many clients prefer to do, the script will be written much faster, and there’s no lag time in-between to slow it's creative writing process and progress, by waiting for payments to come through to me. We do not use Pay Pal, any other method is preferred.


This is our process and it works very well. We are excited to work with you to write a professional script, to help bring your book to life on the screen.


Blessings... and kindest regards,

Kathy :)


$4999 USD

Marketing plan

Only for our script clients

ONLY our clients can purchase our optional step-by-step Screenplay Marketing Plan after they have a script completed by us. It helps guide clients to find Hollywood, Film festivals, IMDb, Promotion, Casting, SAG, and much more.


$869 USD

Business plan

We write a Biz Plan based on your screenplay find and pitch film investors and fund your film project.


$9999 USD

​"This filmmaker, producer and screenwriter is truly a person of her word. I believe God sent her to give people opportunities to brighten their lives in this area.

This posting on my account from Reverend, Dr. Jesse Butler really touched me. Thanks so much Jesse!!!

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