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due diligence

The first step to hire us for your screenwriter is probably to exercise due diligence. This is the investigation or exercise of care that a reasonable business or person is expected to take before entering into an agreement or contract with another party. At a minimum you should review our site, some writing samples, as well as the services we offer. Afterwards, complete our contact form if you wish to hire a screenwriter or have questions about our services.


We want you to compare our services, track record, and prices to estimate your perceived return on investment (ROI). If you decide to move forward then we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your materials and a contract for our services.



our writing process

Professional Script - From a Book or Idea


Classically Trained, Industry Connected, Award-winning Screenwriters and Film Producers

The Classic Hollywood Narrative Style


Our screenwriters have been trained in the art and craft of screenwriting and film production by noted Hollywood professionals. We generally write our scripts using classical Hollywood narrativea narrative and visual style of film-making (hence screenwriting) which developed in and characterized American cinema between the 1910s and the 1960s.  


Our Screenplays are constantly winning at Festivals

Step 2A, Planning Your Transformation.

After we are hired, we read your book to determine how many pages of book will become 10 pages of script. For example, you have a 230 page book to be transformed based on our artistic interpretation into a 100 page script. The ratio will be 230/100 = 2.3. That 2.3:1 ratio means that each 2.3 pages of book will be reduced to 1 page of script. We map out each around 23 pages of your book for the 100 pages of script. When we review each 23 pages, we use our artistic interpretation to transform the material into appropriate screenplay elements and create 10 pages of script. Book to script is from ONLY your book's material to script. If you want the book's story or book changed in any way, the job or up to 1-10 batch of pages becomes our IDEA TO SCRIPT process and fee. So client needs to send edits that are ONLY from the book's material if they want this to be a BOOK TO SCRIPT process and fee.

Since we work on 10 pages minimum at a time, we would then reduce each mapped around, plus or minus, 23 pages of book to appropriate 10 pages of script. We send you the 10 pages to review and you provide editing feedback for those 10 pages. Edits are done at the same time as the next paid up pages are written. When edits are sent in, the page count can add or take away pages, so we need to do the edits while doing the NEXT paid up pages.  Simple spelling edits, name changes or simple logic errors are common edits we do. After we make your editing changes and include them into our next 10 pages sent, then those edited 10 pages have been “approved” by you and we move to the next 10 pages. Then repeat that step until the script is completed. Batches of pages edits sent in are sent in one time,  because the batch will not be completely rewritten, it will be only edited and sent in with the edits done with and when the next batch of paid up pages are written. Spelling edits can be sent in at any time.

Step 2B, Optional Treatment. (This is IDEA TO SCRIPT fee and procress from a story outline or from a synpsis)

If the author has a treatment then we can use the treatment to guide the book/idea transformation to a script format. If there is no treatment, then we can create an original draft treatment for an additional fee. The original draft treatment is created during the writing process and is long and detailed. It consists of full-scene outlines strung together. Usually there are thirty to eighty standard letter size pages of Courier New 12 point print with an average forty pages (The Terminator treatment is forty-eight pages). This draft treatment will provide a tentative plan for how to structure the script from the book/idea material.

For those book/idea authors who don’t have the budget for this additional step, we will use our artistic interpretation to ween the original book material into the new script material based on the required book: script ratio. We have done this hundreds of times. If we have missed material that the author believes should be included when they edit the 10 pages we submit to them, we can incorporate the author’s edit/rewrite feedback along with the next new 10 pages.

Step 2C, Screenwriting collaboration & Payment Installments

To make it more affordable for clients concerned about budgeting payments, we work in 10 page increments. Therefore, if you ordered a 100 page script, there will be 10 payments for the script. You prepay for each 10 page installment then we write those pages.

After you receive those 10 pages you provide editing feedback for those new pages. We include that feedback and corresponding changes with the next prepaid 10 pages, not before. This is a great collaborative process where you only have to focus on each 10 page increment. With this attention to detail your finalized script will have included your feedback from beginning to end.

This 10 page iteration is performed until your script is completed. Then we have you read the completed script and provide final edit feedback. We do this step 1 to 3 times as needed and provide you with a completed script that includes all your feedback. When you provide editing feedback for each 10 page iteration/installment and pay for the next 10 pages, we write the next 10 page part and include the editing feedback from the prior 10 page increment.

It’s not mandatory to work in 10 page increments. Many clients prefer to work in increments larger than 10 pages at a time. We have had clients that prepay all, half or ¼ of the script to expedite the screenwriting process.



Let’s get started: When would you like to send me the book? If you would like to start the screenwriting process, please send the $499.90 first week starting fee to me with the book; also email me the PDF or Word document of your book to

Mail the book and payments to:


4037 Phelan Rd. SUITE A201

Phelan, CA. 92371


Please send your Check, MO, Cashier's Check or Western Union payment to Kathy Stewart. Bank to bank transfer to our Bank of America is the most preferred method for many clients since it speeds up the process.

NOTE +++ some clients prefer to pay more, half or the whole fee to speed the writing process along. Otherwise, we lose a lot of time through payment lag time and snail-mail. That's your choice. We do the 10 pages for clients on a budget. Paying more upfront for half or the whole script (100 page script fee of $4999.) which many clients prefer to do, the script will be written much faster, and there’s no lag time in-between to slow it's creative writing process and progress, by waiting for payments to come through to me. We do not use Pay Pal.


This is our process and it works very well. Our scripts have won hundreds of festival awards, have been optioned and produced. We are excited to work with you to write a professional script, to help bring your book to life on the screen.


Blessings... and kindest regards,

Kathy :)




Step 3, Marketing Your Screenplay.

Once we have provided the completed screenplay to you, we can provide you our optional fee-based marketing plan to help you sell your screenplay if you desire to do it yourself. Otherwise you can hire someone to market your script or do it yourself.

Step 3A, Marketing Plan.

ONLY our clients can purchase our optional step-by-step Screenplay Marketing Plan. It helps guide clients to find Hollywood connections for script Pitching and helpful sites for Agents, Feature Film Production, IMDb, Promotion, Casting, SAG, and how to enter prestigious Film Festivals, and much more.

Step 3B, Business Plan.

We write a Biz Plan based on your screenplay and ancillary material provided by you for your film project. Biz Plans vary in format but typically include sections like: Executive Summary, Overview/Story Synopsis, Comparable Films (Similarly Themed) , Proposed Cast, Producing and Directing Teams, Return On Investment (ROI), Economics of Your Project, Finical Projections, and Budget Control. Each section often includes sub-sections.

To start writing your book or idea, for a quote, questions, feedback, or anything else, use this form. Send your book & 1st payment to Kathy Stewart: 4037 Phelan CA A201, Phelan CA 92371.

Thanks for submitting!

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