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The best way to hire Screenwriters for hire: Due diligence. Review our site, then fill out the form below to get a quote or start our services.

Billy Cox Quote "Never give up", "Never stop trying" "never stop believing" "Your day will come"

Welcome to Screenwriters for Hire in Hollywood. Specializing in converting your book or idea to a screenplay. Our script writers focus in book or idea transformation to script format. Our senior editor works with your assigned award-winning screenwriter and you to create a   professional screenplay based on your story and our artistic interpretation. Let us write a script for you. Kathy

and Coverage
eating & formatting
SCRIPT or idea
to a Novel
PUBLISHERS -  We partner with Publishers to provide book to screenplay services for your client authors. Earn a finders fee for each one of your authors you bring us.
Sam Goldwyn Quote: "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

​"This filmmaker, producer and screenwriter is truly a person of her word. I believe God sent her to give people opportunities to brighten their lives in this area." 

This posting on my account from Reverend Dr. Jesse Butler really touched me. Thanks so much Jesse!!!

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